Coronavirus – Covid 19: General Advice And Guidance

Coronavirus – Covid 19: General Advice And Guidance

A Message from Much Wenlock Town Council

There is already a considerable amount of advice being given both nationally and internationally, which is evolving on an almost hourly basis.  On the Much Wenlock Town Council website ( you will find an overview and links to various other sources of information, including the NHS website:

What we are all being told we MUST do does not come easily to Much Wenlock.  We love to socialise, we love to stop in the street or on a walk and have a chat.  We love to meet up at events.  It’s all in the culture and the attraction of Much Wenlock.

That is why it is so difficult for us all to make the absolute changes we have to make.  We must all follow the official advice and it’s becoming clear that this is not only about those aged over 70, it applies to all generations.  We really do need to heed the calls for self-isolation and social distancing but clearly we all need access to food, drink and other essentials.

That is where Much Wenlock comes into its own.  Much Wenlock Mutual Aid has been set up in very quick time to help support the community in this difficult time:

Wenlock Mutual Aid Group

We are also so fortunate to still have locally based traders for a full range of services who are clearly doing all they can to provide us with the essentials we require now and into the coming months.  This is such a positive, for which we should all be so grateful.  We really do need to return that responsibility toward this community by supporting our traders at this time and going forward.  

Home deliveries are being organised by a number of services and for those unable to leave self-isolation or complying with social distancing, volunteers are willing to collect and drop off items.  We must be thankful for and use the services of all those involved.

We must also appreciate the staff of the NHS, both on the front line and behind the scenes.  We are again very fortunate to have the doctors’ surgery and pharmacy on our doorstep.  Of course, they will have to change the way we interact with the service they provide, but that gives some reassurance to members of staff and, indeed, to all of us.

Much Wenlock Town Council will try to keep you updated with advice we receive, particularly from Shropshire Council and from groups within our Community.

What is Coronavirus- Covid 19

It is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways. It’s caused by a virus called coronavirus. The NHS website provides extensive advice for the Public, explanations about the virus, and what you should do.

As arrangements are put in place to support local people with the impact of the Corvid-19 this page will be updated so that you can see the latest advice and support facilities. 

Self Help

There are many opportunities for you to help yourself by following NHS, Government and Public Health England advice.

Keeping Clean

Observe all of the national advice given on hand-washing, cleaning surfaces etc.

Plan for Self-Isolation

Make plans for how you will cope if you or your family has to self-isolate or reduce your social contacts for some considerable time. Contact more vulnerable members of your wider family to ensure that they have preparations in place



It’s important to stay at home to stop coronavirus spreading.


What to do if you feel unwell- click here

Help with Shopping

Take full advantage of the various offers of help being made by some local shops, eateries and pubs, before opting to buy online from further afield. Do NOT give money or personal details to anyone that you do not know or who do not offer any official authorisation or form of identity

False Advice and Offers of Help

If you can’t verify the authenticity of the source, then be very cautious. Social Media contains a lot of useful information, but also some false information too.

Connecting those with needs with those who can help

Much Wenlock Mutual Aid Group – Much Wenlock’s community is pulling together, with volunteers stepping forward and posters being delivered to the potentially vulnerable already. Please share widely 

Coronavirus General information:


Provided by Shropshire Council, this is information for the Public,  Businesses, Education, Social and Health care


DECONTAMINATION in Non-Healthcare situations.

This guidance covers decontamination and cleaning of environments in the community such as workplaces, offices, waiting rooms, hotel rooms, student accommodation and boarding schools where a possible or confirmed COVID-19 case has spent time while symptomatic. 


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