Pre Plan Community Consultations

Pre Plan Community Consultations

Landowners’ Involvement

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group wrote to a number of landowners regarding the part they may take in the development of the plan.

The Steering Group worked with Shropshire Council to ensure that the Neighbourhood Plan would be consistent with, and complementary to, their Core Strategy and would be the local means by which their SAMDev (“Site Allocations and Management of Development”)* exercise is discharged.

Landowners’ Meeting Notes – 13th December 2011

A further meeting took place on 31st January covering similar topics.

Landowners Meeting Notes – 31st January 2012

In October 2012 we held five drop-in sessions where the nine proposed objectives were open for comment and during this period a number of sites in the parish were put forward by landowners.

Proposed Objectives

Proposed Objectives Booklet

A summary of the site proposals is available upon request from the Town Clerk.

Housing providers’ Involvement

A successful meeting was held on 21st February between members of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and six representatives of social housing providers in Much Wenlock. Representatives of the private sector rental market were invited, although none attended. The discussion centred on current and future provision of ‘affordable’ or ‘social housing’, and the aspirations and needs of the community in the future.


Roadshow events around the town and parish took place in January and February 2012

School Involvement

A exercise was carried out with the children at Much Wenlock primary school and, in late January, 95 sixth-formers at William Brookes School engaged in a discussion about what the Neighbourhood Plan meant and how they might influence its outcome.


Much Wenlock residents showed their enthusiasm for the Neighbourhood Plan with over 700 responses to the Residents Survey conducted in April and May. The survey questions were influenced by the community consultation that took place in the previous six months. Some clear messages emerge from the analysis.

Most respondents wanted limited housing growth and there was very strong support for more affordable housing. There was an overwhelming majority in favour of smaller housing development sites.

The jobs and local economy responses revealed that tourism, leisure and crafts should be encouraged by the Neighbourhood Plan. Whilst many wanted to allocate more land to stimulate local employment, only a small minority wanted undeveloped greenfield sites to be used for this purpose. A significant majority of replies showed that future development should respect Much Wenlock’s character and landscape setting.

Facilities for young people, flood prevention measures and improvements to vehicle parking attracted support, and many said they want better public toilet facilities in the town. Of those who see public transport as important, most want more convenient bus services to Telford.

Much Wenlock businesses have also took part in a survey (see below) and the output from both surveys, together with other data, informed the objectives against which the Steering group and community volunteers will create an options document. This work will, in turn, be publicly available on this website in due course.

The Town Council engaged Shropshire Community Council to analyse the data from both surveys.

MWNP Residents Survey – Example

MWNP Residents Survey Explanatory Notes

MWNP Residents Survey – Version 2

MWNP Residents Survey – Literal Comments Summary – Version 3

MWNP Residents Survey – Analysis Report by Shropshire RCC

MWNP Business Survey – Example

MWNP Business Survey – Responces

WNP Business Survey – Literal Comments Summary – Version 1

Shropshire Council

Submissions from Shropshire Council

Shropshire Council suggested three initial submissions with location plans, which were received on 9th November 2012. Shropshire Council proposes to make more detailed submissions on these proposals in due course and wishes to work closely with Much Wenlock Town Council to assist them to evidence and present these land use proposals as part of the preparation and examination of their Neighbourhood Plan. The submissions are for:

  • One employment allocation with adjoining safeguarded employment premises at Stretton Road
  • Two related flood alleviation infrastructure proposals for Shylte Brook and Sytche Pond.


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