Town and Parish Plan

Town and Parish Plan

A Thousand Voices…

Your chance to say what makes you GLAD, SAD or MAD…!

The complete 52 page Town & Parish Plan can be download at the foot of this page.

A thousand voices have expressed their concerns and hopes for the future of Much Wenlock Town and Parish. This plan summarises the responses to questionnaires and, under individual subject headings, reviews the current situation, the issues raised and proposals for action to achieve results.


The Steering Group would like to thank all those who gave up their time to distribute and collect the questionnaires. Thanks also go to every individual who took the time to complete their questionnaire: the results make it worthwhile.

What is a town and parish plan?

It is the outcome of local people expressing their vision of the future from which new facilities and policies can be developed. It is our Community Plan and its basis is YOU. It is not Council led, but 2 town councillors are members of, and work in partnership with the Steering Group. If it is to make maximum impact, it requires maximum input.

What does it do?

It identifies a variety of needs and possibilities. Some are be simple and will be made available very quickly with some local effort. Others will demand more resources than are immediately available, but will provide evidence to create an action plan.

What does the Much Wenlock Parish cover?

Working clockwise from North of the town, the parish encompasses the area within Gleedon Hill, Tick Wood, Wyke, Downs Farm, Wenlock Walton, Atterley, Beggarhill Brook Farm, Spoonhill Farm, Woodhouse Fields, Bradley Farm, Black Barn Farm, the Wenlock Edge Pub and along the Wenlock Edge to Harley Hill, Wigwig and Homer.


If you wish to view the Town Plan please contact the Town Clerk on: 01952 727509


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