The Allotments

The Allotments


The Allotments are located on Bridgnorth Road, behind Much Wenlock Cemetery and Chapel and are owned by the Town Council.

For further information please contact the Allotment Society Chairman Kevin Evans:

Email address:

Telephone number: 01952 728016

Much Wenlock Town Council & The Allotment Society Tenant Agreement

  • The Allotments shall be used as allotment gardens only and shall not be used for the purpose of any trade or business, except the distribution of seeds, fertilisers and tools by the Tenant to its members (“Allotment Holders”).
  • Any statutory consents, required for the use of the Allotments or for buildings, paths and roads and any costs associated with such consents will, be the responsibility of the Tenant.
  • The Tenant will be responsible for any costs of installing additional water standpipes.
  • The Tenant will agree with the Council a set of regulations (“Site Rules”) governing the use of the 
Allotments, and will issue a copy of these Rules to all Allotment Holders.
  • The Tenant will be responsible for enforcing Site Rules against the Allotment Holders.
  • The Tenant will erect a notice board at the commencement of the lease to specifications to be 
agreed by the Town Council and to be used solely for the communication of Site Rules, of matters relating to the Tenant as an allotment society and to notices placed by the Town Council from time to time.
  • The Tenant must keep the Allotments free from weeds and well-manured and otherwise maintained in a proper state of cultivation and fertility and in good condition, and must keep any pathway or track included in or abutting on the Allotments reasonably free of weeds.
  • The Tenant will be responsible for cutting grassed areas on the Allotments from time to time and will keep the inner face of every hedge which forms part of the boundary of the Allotments properly cut and trimmed.
  • No nuisance or annoyance shall be caused or permitted to the occupiers of adjoining land or to visitors to the Cemetery.
  • No access to the Tenant and/or Allotment Holders will be permitted to the Cemetery Field at any time on the day that any funeral or burial is notified by the Town Council as being scheduled.
  • No obstruction shall be caused or permitted on any path or roadway set out by the Council for the use of the Allotment Holders or visitors to the Cemetery.
  • No mineral, gravel, sand, earth or clay shall be taken or carried away from the Allotments without the consent of the Council.
  • The Tenant shall be responsible for the complete day-to-day running of the Allotments and shall let the individual plots to the Allotment Holders. 
Much Wenlock Town Council, Corn Exchange, 62 High Street, Much Wenlock TF13 6AE Tel: 01952 727509 Email:
  • The Tenant shall have authority and responsibility for the giving of notice to Allotment Holders for neglect.
  • The Tenant shall be responsible for the collection of individual rents from the Allotment Holders.
  • Sheds and garden tool stores will be permitted only along the western boundary of the site and should be of standard commercial construction and be no larger than eight feet by six feet with a 
maximum height of seven feet. Polytunnels and greenhouses will not be permitted.
  • The Tenant will supply to the Council a list of the names and addresses of Officers of the Tenant 
and Allotment Holders and will notify the Council of changes as they occur.
  • Legal obligations: The Tenant must at all times during the tenancy observe and comply fully with all enactments, statutory instruments, local, parochial or other byelaws, orders or regulations 
affecting the Allotment.
  • Alienation: The Tenant must not sublet, assign or part with possession of the Allotment or any part 
of it without the written consent of the Council.
  • Boundary structures: The Tenant must keep the inner face of every hedge that forms part of the 
Allotment properly cut and trimmed, maintain and keep in repair any fences and any gates on the Allotment, and must not damage any other hedges, fences or gates in the allotment field of which the Allotment forms part or on adjoining land and any notice-board which has been or may at any time during the tenancy be erected by the Council on the Allotment or the allotment field.
  • Barbed wire: The Tenant must not use barbed wire for a fence adjoining any path set out by the Council for the use of occupiers of the allotment gardens.
  • Fruit Trees: Only trees grown from commercially-recognised dwarf or pixy root-stock may be planted by the Tenant and Allotment Holders.
  • Refuse: The Tenant must not deposit, or allow other persons to deposit, on the Allotment any refuse or any decaying matter, except manure and compost in such quantities as may be reasonably required for use in cultivation, or place any matter in the hedges, ditches or dykes in the allotment field of which the Allotment forms part or in adjoining land.
  • Dogs: The Tenant must not bring any dog into the allotment field of which the Allotment forms part, or cause one to be brought in, unless the dog is held on a leash.
  • Livestock: The Tenant must not keep any animals or livestock of any kind on the Allotment.
  • Sprays: When using any sprays or fertilisers, the Tenant must take all reasonable care to ensure that adjoining hedges, trees and crops are not adversely affected, and must make good or replant as necessary should any damage occur, and so far as possible select and use chemicals, whether for 
Much Wenlock Town Council, Corn Exchange, 62 High Street, Much Wenlock TF13 6AE Tel: 01952 727509 Email:
  • spraying, seed dressing or for any other purpose whatsoever, that will cause the least harm to members of the public, game birds and other wildlife, other than vermin or pests.
  • Comply at all times with current regulations.
  • Advertisements: The Tenant must not erect any advertisement on the Allotment.
  • Admittance: The Tenant agrees that the Council shall have the right to refuse admittance to the 
Allotment to any person, other than the Tenant, Allotment Holders or a member of their families, 
unless accompanied by the Tenant, Allotment Holder or a member of their families.
  • Disputes: The Tenant agrees that any case of dispute between the Tenant and any other Allotment 
Holder shall be referred to the Council, whose decision shall be final.
  • Yielding up: The Tenant must yield up the Allotment at the determination of the tenancy created by 
this agreement in such condition as shall be in compliance with the agreements contained in this
  • Special conditions: The Tenant must observe and perform any special condition the Council 
considers necessary to preserve the Allotment from deterioration of which notice is given to the
  • Any treasures discovered on the field are the legal property of the Council.
  • Any officer or agent of the Council shall be entitled at any time when so directed by the Council to 
enter and inspect the Allotments and, upon reasonable notice, carry out such works as the Council 
may see fit.
This Agreement may be terminated:
  • By either the Council or the Tenant giving to the other 12 months’ notice in writing expiring on or before 6 April or on or after 29 September in any year.
  • By re-entry by the Council at any time after giving three month’s previous notice in writing to the Tenant: If the rent or any part thereof is in arrear for not less than thirty days whether legally demanded or not or if it appears to the Council that the Tenant or any one or more of its members not less than three months after the commencement of the Agreement have not duly observed the conditions contained therein.
  • Any notice required to be given by the Council to the Tenant may be given by sending by registered post or by the recorded delivery service a written notice by the Clerk of the Council or other authorised officer of the Council for the time being or by affixing the same in some conspicuous manner on the notice board at the allotment and any notice required to be given by the Tenant to the Council shall be sufficiently given if signed by the Secretary of the Tenant and sent by pre-paid post letter to: Town Clerk, Much Wenlock Town Council, Corn Exchange, 62 High Street, Much Wenlock TF13 6AE Tel: 01952 727509 Email:


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