Much Wenlock Neighbourhood Plan Review 2024

Much Wenlock Neighbourhood Plan Review 2024


Neighbourhood Plan Review 2024

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Much Wenlock Neighbourhood Plan 2013:26 – Adopted Version

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Following the launch of the Review in March, those Town Councillors and local volunteers comprising the Steering Group have been busy! Consideration of the objectives covered in the Neighbourhood Plan has been divided amongst members of that group. Those objectives – some of which may require less work than others – have been divided as follows:


Community facilities



Design and heritage

Climate change

Environment Transport and getting around

The launch event at Priory Hall attracted several volunteers, and still more are now needed. If you have an interest in making a contribution, maybe from your personal experience or professional expertise, please make contact as soon as possible. It’s Your Plan, and Your Future, and we can all play a part in shaping the future of our town and parish through to 2038.

If you have not already commented on the issues raised in March at Priory Hall, the survey is still open online for your comments. Simply go to

We will continue to engage with the community and hope to arrange another consultation event soon. Watch out for further news here, in the Wenlock Herald, or our Facebook page


Boundary Maps

Glossary of planning terms

Neighbourhood Plan: A Neighbourhood Plan is a plan for a local area which sets out, after community consultation, exactly what the community wishes to see for the future of its own town, village or city. They have to pass ‘basic tests’ and once approved by a local referendum are legally binding documents which planning authorities must take into account, when making decisions.

Affordable Housing: rented or bought with a shared equity plan from a registered housing provider. All applicants must be registered with Shropshire Council Homepoint. Affordable housing rents are set at a percentage below the market rent for the area.

Shared Equity means that the buyer is buying a percentage of the home which he/she can increase over time. The cost of the home must be a percentage below the market value in the area. These homes are useful in areas where house prices are particularly high

Market Housing: New build homes built by development companies or single home builders for sale on the open market.

Development Boundary: This is the boundary line around Much Wenlock which is set by Shropshire Council and adopted by the Neighbourhood Plan beyond which developers cannot build.

Exception site: this describes any piece of land beyond the development boundary which can be developed only if the homes are designated ‘affordable’ in the strict sense of planning terms.

Call for land: every so often Shropshire Council issues a ‘Call for Land’ this allows potential developers or housing associations to make Shropshire Council aware of potential development land

Site Assessment: Following a call for land Shropshire Council will assess the benefit or otherwise of each parcel of land for development

Preferred Site: These are the sites which Shropshire Council would prefer to have developed after their assessments

Windfall Site: these are small parcels of land within the development boundary which can be developed in accordance with the policies of the Neighbourhood Plan but are not part of the Shropshire Council site assessment process

Place plan: Shropshire Council has divided the county into ‘Places’ or areas for the purpose of assessing the needs of those communities and who will deliver those needs. Much Wenlock shares a Place Plan with Cressage and other nearby communities which can be found on the Shropshire Council web site

Place plan area: These usually contain designated Community hubs, Community clusters, and Key Centres. Each designated area is slightly different.

Planning application; It is the law that most development must go through the planning process before any building works can begin. Anyone can object or support a planning application




Much Wenlock Neighbourhood Plan Review

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