Residents’ Planning and Traffic Survey

Residents’ Planning and Traffic Survey

Residents’ Survey on Planning and Traffic

The Town Council has been keen to receive views from the residents of Much Wenlock on two important issues that will have long term impacts on the town:

Public inquiry into Shropshire Council’s Draft Local Plan.

Shropshire Council’s Draft Local Plan is now the subject of a public inquiry, known as the Examination in Public (EIP). The Local Plan is SC’s proposal for development in the town to cover the period of 2016 – 2038. Following our election in May, the Council submitted objections to the Plan and will attend the EIP. We consulted local groups in the autumn, and we want to find out more of local opinion on how we should plan for the town.

Traffic and the Gaskell Corner.

We all know that the town suffers from increased amounts of traffic. As a result of the redevelopment of Buildwas Power Station, we pressed Shropshire Council to look at the problems of the Gaskell Corner junction. They are carrying out a Feasibility Study. Consequently, the Town Council is keen to understand local views about the Gaskell Corner and other possible traffic problems in the town.

The Town Council sent out a survey to 1800 homes in the Much Wenlock and recieved 329 responses

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Much Wenlock Neighbourhood Plan Review

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