Much Wenlock Town Council’s Cemetery Regulations govern the types of memorials, size and materials that are allowed. Please note that a memorial can only be placed on a plot one year after the last burial date. Before a memorial may be installed in the cemetery, written permission must be obtained from the Town Clerk and the required fee paid. The fees and size regulations are available to download below or you may request a copy from the Town Clerk’s office. Please note that all memorials must have a 10-year guarantee. If you would like to place a commemorative seat on Town Council land, you will need permission from the Town Council. Please apply in writing to the Town Clerk.

Seating Policy

When you have chosen a memorial it is important to obtain a written estimate clearly setting out the full details. This should include:

  • The memorial design, the size, the material, the finish of the material (i.e. part polished, all polished, honed or eggshell finish, if it is granite. Fine rubbed if it is a limestone. The finish to the edges of the headstone and base, whether they are to be rustic (natural and pitched) or to be the same finish as the face of the headstone)
  • The inscription and the style and finish of the lettering.
  • Whether you require space to remain for a further inscription at a later date.
  • Any ornamentation and the finish or carving
  • The installation of the memorial on proper foundation (a NAMM approved fixing method is required for all memorials and a current Fixers Licence must be provided by the Fixer before they are allowed to carry out work in the cemetery)
  • Much Wenlock Town Council fee

Before signing to confirm your instructions on the memorial application form it is important to check the inscription to ensure the spelling of names, the dates and the text you have chosen are correct.

Memorial applications cannot be processed if the following has not been provided:

  • Deed of Grant (Exclusive Rights)
  • Identification which has your current address;

(Passport, Driving Licence, Bus Pass, Utility Bill up to 3 months old)

  • Full payment
  • Fixer Licence (from the proposed fixer)
  • Full details of the proposed memorial

Please note that the Town Council is responsible for memorial safety and security and therefore reserves the right to remove any hazardous headstones or any headstone that has been installed or inscribed without an approved ground anchor system and prior permission.

Please note that in pursuance of the Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977 the following applies:

  1. (1) No burial shall take place, no cremated human remains shall be scattered, and no tombstone or other memorial shall be placed in a cemetery, and no additional inscription shall be made on a tombstone or other memorial, without the permission of the officer appointed for that purpose by the burial authority.
  2. (1) No person shall:-

(a) Wilfully create any disturbance in a cemetery;

(b) Commit any nuisance in a cemetery;

(c) Wilfully interfere with any burial taking place in a cemetery;

(d) Wilfully interfere with any grave or vault, any tombstone or other memorial, or any flower or plants on any such matter, or

(e) Play any game or sport in a cemetery

(2) No person not being an Officer or Servant of the Burial Authority or another person authorised by or on behalf of the Burial Authority shall enter or remain in the cemetery at any hour when it is closed to the public.

  1. Every person who commits an unlawful act shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding £100 and in the case of a continuing offence to a fine not exceeding £10 for each day, which the offence continues after conviction thereof.


Memorial regs fees and sizes 2022

For further information please contact the Town Council’s Cemetery Officer:

Diane Barlow

Telephone number: 01952 727509



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